Flock Dance company
2019-2020 Season


July 3, 2019

FLOCK is a co-choreography company founded in 2017 by Florian Lochner and Alice Klock. As FLOCK, they create and perform their own work, teach as a team, create new works on schools and companies, and produce our shows in the US and abroad. FLOCK as a performing company operates with the same mission at its core. With Alice and Florian as the constant, the company expands and contracts to include an international team of guest artists. Any artist who participates in FLOCK is not asked to fit into a mold but is rather asked to express and explore their craft in a collaborative setting fully. They believe that respecting and caring for each artist enables them to tap into and express the full power of their artistry.

3 Tier Seating

Tier 1: $34.75 – $39.75

Tier 2: $22.00 – $29.75

Tier 3: $12.00 – $17.00 


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FLOCK Dance Performance at the Ent Center for the Arts

7:30 pm April 11th, 2020